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What are the Natural Cures for Snoring?

Snoring is one of the common health problems in today’s world. There are various natural cures for snoring. About 23% couple seriously suffer from this terrible condition of snoring. The problem of snoring is the most common symptom of insomnia.

Snoring occurs when there is vibration on the back part of the roof of mouth. There are various causes for snoring. The muscles which support the upper airway opening in the back of throat is in relax position during sleep. Uvula is the fleshy piece between throat and extra tissue in palate vibrates with breath and cause snoring. Narrowing of the airway also causes snoring noise. Males who are overweight are most likely to suffer from snoring.

Natural Cure for Snoring:

There are various products available in the market for snoring cure, but there is no such cure which could work on everybody. Following are some of the natural methods which can cure snoring –

  • Dental appliances

    – It is a popular remedy for snoring. When dental appliances are placed in mouth, it aids in keeping the airway open and holds the lower jaw and tongue a little forward.

  • Nasal stripes

    – These are the most common remedies for snoring and are easily available in the market. Before going to bed, apply the strip to your nose. This will open the passage for air and aids snoring.

  • Sleeping posture

    – Lying on back makes you snore more. Hence, lying on sideways is advised to get relief from snoring.

  • Aroma-lites –

    This remedy uses the herbs to cure snoring. Herbs such as lavender and marjoram help you breathe easily. Inhaling steam before going to bed also cures nasal congestion by loosening mucus in the back of the throat. If eucalyptus oil is added to steam, it will give better results.

  • Weight and diet

    – Weight loss will reduce the fat from the back of throat and helps clear the air passage. This will relax the muscles. Hence, heavy meals and milk before bedtime should be avoided as it forms mucus layer. Also, undigested food will push up against the throat and affect breathing.

  • Singing

    – The practice of singing relaxes the throat muscles.

  • Surgery

    – Surgery removes obstructive tissues in the throat, but one should go for surgery only as the last remedy for snoring.

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