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How can Obesity be cured Naturally?

Obesity is now one of the most common health problems in people and is a serious epidemic in the US. The condition is characterized by excessive deposition or fat storage in the adipose tissue. Obesity can be cured in a natural way.
Obesity is one of the serious health conditions as the extra fat in the body put strain on kidney, heart, liver and hip joints, knees and ankles.

Obesity results due to excessive consumption of food and is generally found in people who eat more food and lead sedentary lives. It can occur in both sexes and at any age. In women, it generally occurs after pregnancy and menopause.

Nature Cure for Obesity:

  • Eating habits

    – Plan your eating habits. Eat foods which contain low fats and calories. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, lean poultry, nuts, canola oil, seeds, fish and yogurt. Avoid processed, junk foods and sweets and white flour. Eat some raw vegetables instead of salty and fattening chips and other snacks. Eat only when you really feel hungry.

  • Water

    – Drink distilled water and unsweetened juices. Avoid sweetened and carbonate drinks.

  • Colon cleansing

    – Obese people can overeat due to bad nutrient absorption which results in extra pounds. Hence, a colon cleanse can aid in improving your intestinal health and clean your colon. This will make you feel fuller and eat less.

  • Walk

    – Walk only for 30 minutes a day is one of the easiest form of aerobic exercise. This will lead to shedding extra pounds in an easy way.

  • Breathing exercise

    – Deep breathing exercise at least 3 times a day can help you lose weight and increase your metabolism. It also oxygenates your organs and cells and help lower the blood pressure.

  • Water retention

    – Include herbs like parsley, dandelion, alfalfa, uva ursi, corn silk, juniper and thyme which aid in getting rid of water retention.

  • Homeopathy medicine

    – As homeopathy medicine is based on natural way of treatment. Lycopodium, Phytolacca berry, Staphysagria, Ignatia and Antimonium crudum are some of the medicines that can treat obesity.

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