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What are Vetiver Essential Oil Health Benefits?

Vetiver oil is extracted from Vetiveria zizanoides. Vetiveria is also called as Andropogon muricatus. The pant belongs to Gramineae family. It is also called khus khus and vetivert. The essential oil of vetiver is of much importance in aromatherapy.

The oil has a wonderful effect on body and mind. The oil smells earthy like damp forest floor and the color is amber to olive green. The grass is cultivated in Tahiti, Java, Haiti and India. The oil is extracted from the dried roots of the plants.

Vetiver Essential Oil Benefits:

The aroma of the essential oil improves with age. It balances the effect on hormonal system, dispels hysteria, anger and irritability and improves skin texture. The oil is used extensively in perfumery for its fragrance and fixative effects. Several health benefits of vetiver essential oils are as follows –

  • Tonic

    – Its tonic tone up every metabolic system of the body such as the digestive system, endocrinal system, immune system, nervous system, neurotic and excretory system. Hence, it keeps the metabolic system in order. It rejuvenates the body, boosts immunity and gives strength.

  • Vulnerary

    – This property heals up the wounds as it promotes new tissues growth and also protects from infection and inhibits microbes growth.

  • Sedative

    – Its essential oil is a well known sedative. It sedates convulsions, irritations, afflictions, nervous irritations, anger, anxiety, hysteria, nervousness and restlessness.

  • Nervine

    – Vetiver essential oil tones up the nerves and maintains them in good health. It helps get rid of nervous disorders, hysteric and epileptic attacks, also neurotic and nervous disorders like parkinson’s disease.

  • Aphrodisiac

    – The oil has an aphrodisiac effect as it is mixed in various drinks as a flavoring agent. It increases libido. Its essential oil is remedy for many sexual disorders such as lack of libido, frigidity and impotence etc.

  • Anti-septic

    – Vetiver essential oil is used as an anti-septic and can kill various bacteria.

  • Anti-inflammatory

    – The cooling and soothing effect of vetiver’s essential oil pacifies and calms all types of inflammations. It gives relief from inflammations in nervous and circulatory systems.

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