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How to Remove Facial Fat?

Cheek fat is a very important factor in a person’s overall appearance. There are some proven methods to get rid of the facial fat naturally without pains of surgery.

There are various facial exercises which can work even when a person is gaining weight or overweight. Facial exercises can strengthen and tighten the muscles and help in reduction of facial fat.

Ways to Reduce Facial Fat

There are some ways by which you can reduce your facial fat. Some of which are as follows –

Exercise –

Do some exercises and eat fresh fruits and drink lots of water. Reduction of fat over the entire body is the best way to treat facial fat as well. Avoid refined sugar, fried and processed foods.

Facial Exercise –

  • Simple facial exercise won’t help in burning facial fat.
  • Facial fat can be reduced by toning the muscles of fat.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and open your mouth wide.
  • Stick out the tongue and push the chin forward, opening your eyes wide.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and relax.
  • Repeat 5 times every day.

Yoga Exercises For Facial Fat –

  • Yoga is the best form of exercise whose postures can specifically target the neck and face muscles.
  • Inverted yoga postures are very beneficial as they increase blood circulation to the upper body.
  • Yoga also offers many other benefits as it increases flexibility, deeper breathing, more energy and a calmer mind.
  • Inverted postures allow the blood to rush to the upper body through the force of gravity.
  • The blood flow to the face and head can boost up the sluggish metabolism. This posture is called

    ‘Hala Asana’


  • Sirsha Asana

    (Headstand) and

    Sarvanga Asana

    (Shoulder stand) are also beneficial postures for reducing facial fat.

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