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How to Soundly Improve Memory

Memory is the mental ability of a person to remember and retrieve the information. Learning and remembering processes take place in the brain. The brain is also an important organ which should always be exercised like muscles to make it function properly and improve the memory. There are various things which contribute to an improved memory.

A balanced diet is very important as it gives the required nutrients to the brain to function at a high level. The problem of not being able to remember anything can sometimes become very annoying. Researchers have just found a simple method to improve memory during sleep. Some simple basics of sleep memory games and sleep hygiene to improve memory are discussed here to let you sleep more soundly and remember things also.

Improve Memory Techniques:

  • Begin with a good night’s sleep with a good sleep hygiene and as a routine ritual.
  • Wind up your things for the day and without a rehashing of great or small events and go to the bed.
  • Your memory should not get diluted because of sleep apnea which can range from breathlessness period of short to longer periods.
  • Sleep apnea deprives the brain of much-needed oxygen.
  • Oxygen is the food of brain and if your brain is not getting ample oxygen, it will take only the partial oxygen present and utilise it for important functions.
  • Brain is very active and it takes up whatever oxygen is available and uses it for life- sustaining activities.
  • Through body workout, we get sufficient oxygen in the body and it causes a good night’s sleep.
  • While you are awake, play some brain games.
  • Games are some kind of brain exercises for the mind which activate various neurological functions and push them up.
  • This aids in improving memory during sleep.

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