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Benefits of Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd is a wonder vegetable that helps in curing many conditions. People started accepting it in their lifestyle after recognizing its benefits. Though, this vegetable is disliked by the children and young people, old people consume it for its benefits in maintaining the good body and good health. This is also known as

calabash gourd and bottle squash

. Now, let us go through the health benefits of bottle gourd.

Benefits of Bottle Gourd:

  • Cooling Effect:

    It has high water content which makes it very cool. Cooked bottle gourd is calming, cooling, easily digested and diuretic as well. This is very effective against the constipation and other digestive conditions.

  • Low in Fat and Calories:

    This vegetable is low in cholesterol and fat and rich in dietary fiber. 96% of water is present in bottle gourd and 100 grams of it contains about 12 Kcal. This is a good source for iron as well as vitamins B complex and vitamin C. This has 1.8 mg of sodium and 87 mg of potassium per 100 grams. Thus, it is very useful for high blood pressure patients. This is a good diet for small children, people suffering from digestive disorders, convalescents and diabetics.

  • Urinary Disorders:

    This is an effective remedy for treating urinary disorders. This serves as an alkaline mixture that cures the burning sensation in the urinary passage because of high acid content in urine. In the daily diet include a glass of fresh bottle gourd juice as it breaks calculus in the body.

  • Premature Graying Hair:

    Once in a day drink a glass of bitter gourd juice for treating graying hair. This remedy is recommended in Ayurveda.

  • Balancing Liver Function:

    This is very effective in balancing liver function. This is suggested by the Ayurvedic physicians.

  • Nervous Diseases:

    Combine sesame oil and bottle gourd juice and use it for treating insomnia. Gently massage with this mixture on the scalp every night. This is also useful for treating epilepsy, insanity and other nervous disorders.

  • Poisoning:

    Bitter variety is recommended as a cardiac tonic as well as an antidote to poisoning. This is also useful in alleviating biligenic infections, asthma, cough and bronchitis.

  • Heart Diseases and Blood Pressure:

    Recent studies have proved that bottle gourd is useful in treating heart conditions and blood pressure.

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