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Aromatherapy for Depression

Aromatherapy is an alternative treatment which uses concentrated essential oils which are extracted from plants for treating symptoms and help in the process of healing. Depression treatments are aimed at revitalizing the mind and body and lifts up the spirits for promoting the sense of well-being with excellent scents. Invigorating oils assist to awaken mind and body.


Preparation of Essential Oil Blend:

  • Select carrier oil depending on the skin type.
  • Take 20 ml of carrier oil in a blue or brown glass bottle.
  • Based on the symptoms, choose an essential oil.
  • Take few drops of essential oil which is required for oil blend.
  • Add essential oil to the carry oil by using an eyedropper and make an aromatic oil blends.
  • Lid must be closed tightly and shake the bottle gently.
  • Label bottle with name of essential oil, carrier oil, date and also the dilution.

Essential Oils for Depression:

  • Take a blend of Melissa, geranium and bergamot for uplifting the spirits.
  • This stimulates the mind and body while massaging with the scented oil on the scalp.
  • Revive and revitalize the energy by massaging the feet with scented oil.
  • Add 5ml of oil blend to bath water and take a refreshing bath.


  • Opt essential oil from the suggested ingredients which are appealing to you for oil blend.
  • Always essential oils should be diluted to 1 – 2.5% solution.
  • Always mix small amounts of essential oil in the carrier oil to prevent the waste due to dramatic decrease in shelf life of the diluted oils.
  • For full body aromatherapy 20 ml of oil blend is required.
  • Jojoba plant extract can be added to lotions and creams for thickening them.
  • Pregnant women should not use Clary sage.
  • If you are prone to headaches, avoid jasmine.
  • Do not consume alcohol with the Clary sage.
  • Essential oils must not be applied directly on to the skin.
  • Do not expose to sun and sun lamps after using bergamot and orange essential oils.
  • Essential oils should be kept away from open flames and heat.
  • After using essential oils, do not rub your eyes. If you get this oil into your eyes, rinse with cold water.
  • Essential oils must be kept away from pets and children.

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