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Vanilla Aromatherapy Benefits

Vanilla is scientifically known as

vanilla planifolia

. This grows like climbing vines which produce bean pods and fragrant flowers. Vanilla’s sugary sweet fragrance has been known for carrying medicinal values which helps in curing health conditions and is also used in baking culinary delights.

Properties of Vanilla Essential Oil:

Medicinal properties present in vanilla essential oil makes healing easy. These properties create corresponding effect on body and the vital organs for healing and restoring normal functions. Following are some health benefits of vanilla aromatherapy.


The aroma coming from vanilla is very distinct yet replenishing. In fact, this makes it most popular in the culinary applications due to its richness in aroma and flavor that it introduces in the dish. The fragrance is so relaxing and pleasing that it relieves the mind and reduces stress.

Sniff or inhale vanilla essential oil when you are depressed or to overcome the anxiety. When the incense and antidepressant properties enter the bloodstream, it immediately gives relief from the signs of depression. Later, you will notice that your mood improves and you regain confidence. This property makes vanilla ideal in combating depression and stress levels.

Natural Antioxidant:

Few people are aware about the antioxidant property of vanilla. This is very important property as the body needs to make sure that it functions properly for its overall well-being. Antioxidants help in eliminating free radicals and harmful toxins which develop in the body due to improper dietary habits. Over time, these free radicals accumulate till they start affecting the normal functions of the body. In certain cases, immune system also gets affected and hence, reduces the body’s capability to fight some common ailments.

Tranquilizing and Sedative Properties:

This property is useful in maintaining balance throughout the system. Thus, it is also useful in regulating the functioning of excretory, digestive, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems. One can combat inflammation and reduce hyperactivity which could harm the body in long run.

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