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Carrot Juice for Skin

In ancient days, carrots were cultivated for their aromatic leaves and not for their roots. But, now carrot is considered for its root. Carrot juice is a beneficial health drink. Let us know about the benefits of carrot juice for skin and also the nutritional values of carrots.

Nutritional Values of Carrots:

Carrots are rich in nutrients such as potassium and calcium. They contain vitamin C and vitamin A. In pure form, carrot juice has very less amount of calories. A cup of carrot juice, that is of 240 ml, contains 90 calories only. Hence, drink a cup of juice everyday, but do not drink much as excess won’t be absorbed by the body. Excess consumption of juice may turn your complexion to yellowish-orange temporarily.

Benefits of Carrot Juice for Skin:

Carrot juice is an excellent remedy for skin. Following are some carrot juice benefits for the skin.

  • Vitamin A present in carrots is an excellent natural antioxidant. These antioxidants slow down the aging process by scavenging the free radicals. These toxins or free radicals lead to several health conditions such as rashes, wrinkles, dermatitis and eczema. Hence, vitamin A in the carrot juice plays a vital role in skin care.
  • This juice assists in reducing blemishes. Application of carrot juice on the blemishes, reduces them.
  • Vitamin A is required for the growth of tissues in the body. Vitamin A in carrots is available in the form of beta-carotene. So, daily consumption of carrot juice is very useful.
  • Carrot juice contains essential oils which aid in digestion. These help to eliminate and prevent acne. Hence, carrot juice for acne is the best remedy for acne.
  • Vitamin C present in carrots aids in the production of collagen in the body. It is an important mineral for skin elasticity. Collagen prevents wrinkles and locks the aging process.
  • Drinking plenty of water and carrot juice keeps your skin and body hydrated.
  • Potassium deficiency makes your skin dry and causes muscle spasms. This can be avoided by drinking carrot juice.
  • Carrot juice helps in preventing and curing several skin disorders. Hence, carrot is the main ingredient in several skin care products.
  • This is an excellent alternative medicine for skin. Regular drinking of carrot juice keeps the skin supple, soft and smooth.
  • Carrot juice is useful in treating uneven skin tones caused by pigmentation.
  • Carrot has anti-inflammatory property which helps in revitalizing and toning the skin.

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