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Natural Care for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin has low tolerance levels for certain environmental conditions and chemicals. Sensitive skin care is more than just opting for the right sensitive skin care product. People having sensitive skin can quickly react to the wind, heat or chemicals by developing blotchy, red and also irritated skin. People have various levels of skin sensitivity. Some may react to the product while others do not react. Likely, a few people have severe reaction, while others have mild reaction.

Natural Care for Sensitive Skin:

Natural skin care is an efficient way for the treatment of sensitive skin. Natural products have less or do not trigger any reactions which other products may have on the sensitive skin. Following are some natural care for sensitive skin:

  • Hydration and Food Intake:

    Diet plays a major role in the breakouts of sensitive skin. A healthy diet helps the skin to look healthy. Sensitive skin people must pay attention to their diet and must make a note of foods that trigger reactions on the sensitive skin. Sometimes, even healthy foods cause reaction in a few people. Hence, do not avoid them when you look at the possible triggers. Spicy and hot foods may cause negative effect.

    People with sensitive skin must also drink plenty of water, that helps their skin to be hydrated. If the skin is hydrated adequately, it is healthier and can fight against the skin irritations effectively.

  • Herbal Remedies for Sensitive Skin:

    These are very effective for sensitive skin as they do not have any harsh chemicals which cause skin problems. Usually, products with natural ingredients are best for sensitive skin and less likely to cause skin irritation. Following are some herbal remedies for the sensitive skin:

    • Prepare a fruit mask for face.
    • Use jojoba oil or almond oil for cleansing the face.
    • Steep comfrey in water and use it as a toner.
    • Yogurt and cucumber make a good facial mask for the sensitive skin.
    • Green tea has anti-inflammatory property. This helps in preventing sensitive skin reactions.
    • Licorice is an excellent product for the sensitive skin. Always choose products which contain licorice.
    • Mix oatmeal and grapefruit and make an exfoliating facial mask.
    • Aloe vera soothes red, blotchy and irritated skin.

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