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Side Effects of Acupuncture

In ancient days, acupuncture was used for treating several health conditions. Acupuncture involves insertion of fine needles at the strategic points on the body. Acupuncture does not have any adverse effects if performed correctly. It offers natural healing for several disorders. This treatment plays a vital role in enhancing the body function. However, most people experience dull pain or mild stinging sensation, when a needle is inserted into the skin.

In the initial sessions of acupuncture, you may feel discomfort. This is very natural and is nothing to worry about. The physical strain reduces as your body gets habituated to this and gradually, you may not feel any pain when the needle is inserted.

While undergoing this treatment for curing chronic conditions, other conditions can also be resolved simultaneously. This is the beneficial side effect which is noticed in most patients. Other major side effect is that the symptoms may aggravate resulting in anxiety in patients. However, it indicates that the body is positively responding to acupuncture treatment. It is a good sign if the symptoms aggravate temporarily because it shows that the process of healing has begun.

Serious Side Effects:

As this procedure involves piercing of needles into the skin, serious infections may develop if the needles are not sterilized properly. Bacteria enters into the bloodstream and may cause infection at punctured site if contaminated needle is inserted. These infections may develop some serious conditions such as hepatitis. Use sterilized needles to avoid these problems.

Minor Side Effects:

After removing the acupuncture needle, the surrounding region turns red. Bruising or bleeding also occurs after removing the needle. In a few patients, some psychological effects like dizziness, sweating and nausea have also been reported. In some cases, patients lose consciousness too. All these effects are not the cause of concern. For minor side effects, one may not require any treatment and can be cured without causing damage to body.

Damage to Organs:

In this treatment, injury to organs is very rare. If the needles are inserted incorrectly, patients may get injuries to the vital organs like lungs or kidneys. Nerve damage can also occur if the practitioner unknowingly pierces a nerve. If organ punctures occur, it is a life-threatening condition. To prevent this problem, needles must not be inserted deep into skin.

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