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Essential Tremor Natural Remedies

Essential tremor is the most occurring disorder, associated with movement. This is a progressive and chronic neurological problem which affects the upper extremities mostly. However, this can effect any body part. To some extent, tremors can be manifested in almost all the people, but the symptoms are mild. This article gives some natural remedies for treating essential tremor.

Essential Tremor Natural Remedies:

There are no specific tests for diagnosing essential tremor. The main objective is to make sure that this is not related to any other health disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. Essential tremor is diagnosed based on the patient’s symptoms. This condition stays throughout the life and cannot be cured. Regarding the treatment, medications are prescribed only for reducing the symptoms and spreading the condition to other body parts. Essential tremor natural remedies aid in enhancing the symptoms:

Try to Relax:

Proper relaxation is the most effective natural treatment for fighting against the essential tremor symptoms. In most patients, anxiety and stress trigger this condition. The best option for treating this condition is learning several relaxation techniques to cope up with stressful conditions and essential tremor.

Take Proper Rest:

Muscle fatigue, particularly in the affected areas aggravate trembling symptoms. Thus, for relieving excess shaking, take more rest and adequate sleep. Always try to sleep for 7 – 8 hours in a day. Seek doctor’s advice if any symptom worsens during the nights.

Say no to Caffeine:

According to the medical research, caffeine is the stimulant for excess secretion of the adrenaline hormone, which results in aggravating the symptoms of essential tremor. Hence, essential tremor patients must restrict themselves from having caffeinated beverages. Rather you can choose other drinks which does not contain caffeine.

Alcohol Abstinence:

In certain studies, alcohol consumption reduced the trembling symptoms for a short while, till alcohol effects remained in the body. But, the worst thing is that the symptoms appear after certain period. Thus, you are suggested to stay away from alcohol or drink sparingly, because you may be addicted to alcohol instead of treating essential tremor.

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