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Energy Healing Techniques

Energy, either mental or physical, may be known as “life blood of every individual”. It is noted that the mentally and physically energetic person can overcome all the difficulties easily and can excel in life. All the energy healing methods and therapies aim at reducing anxiety, stress and provides physical and even mental relaxation. Apart from relieving chronic pain and illness, it also helps in releasing the negative emotions and beliefs.

The aim of energy healing therapy is to make the person relaxed and confident. These techniques are more beneficial than any other medications and therapies.

Types of Energy Healing Techniques:

There are several energy healing therapies. Following are some of them:

  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Pranic healing techniques
  • Emotional freedom therapy
  • Polarity therapy
  • Quantum touch technique
  • Reiki

Deep breathing techniques

such as meditations and yoga are very beneficial, and aids in reducing the health hazards such as obesity, depression, headache, diabetes, heart disease, acid reflux disease, etc.

Pranic healing techniques

are based on strengthening, cleansing, scanning and finally, in restoring the energy in the body. This is useful for disorders like early satiety, sleep disorder, stress, depression, anxiety, stomach disorder, migraine and menstrual distress.

Emotional freedom technique

(EFT) is the psychotherapy that works as the emotional acupuncture and aids in releasing negative emotions and beliefs. This technique is done by tapping the fingerprint’s of practitioner on the body of patient. This is also called

EFT tapping therapy

. This technique was developed by

Gary Craig

and depends on acupuncture. EFT is mainly used for eliminating negative emotions like addiction and phobias, eating disorders anxiety, depression which break harmony among the seven chakras.

Polarity therapy

was created by

Randolph Stone

. This is based on nutrition, exercise, verbal interaction, touch and other methods. This technique can be used for treating disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome, back pain, digestive disorders, menopausal problems and migraine.

Quantum touch technique

is a powerful technique in energy healing. In this, practitioners use visualization, meditation and other breathing exercises for energizing the recipient. This technique is used for improving metabolism, muscular skeletal disorders, liver enzymes and reducing pain.


is the most effective technique in energy healing for relaxing and reducing stress. This is a Japanese technique and is created by

Mikao Usui

. This technique is applied for boosting the innate energy which promotes health, prosperity, long life and well-being. It is believed that in this healing technique, the recipient receives energy from the practitioner’s hands which are placed near the body. There are 7 chakras for energy, lower abdomen, naval area, heart, third eye, head and last bone or base in spine. In this practice, mental and physical healing takes place from the laying hands of the practitioner over the recipient. Reiki is used for treating mental, physical and emotional disorder and thus, provides well-being and tranquility.

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