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Health Benefits of Potatoes

Certainly, potato is the most widely grown tuber crop on the earth. Scientifically, potatoes are called

Solanum tubersum

. These are rich in calories and carbohydrates, but we never think of the health benefits of potatoes. These are beneficial in several ways. No recipe is complete without potatoes. Let it be fries, chips, snacks, vegetables or any other item, potatoes have their own place in every recipe. It is a fact that everyone likes the taste of potatoes. Also, if you love to crunch potatoes, following are some extra reasons for consuming them.

Health Benefits of Potatoes:

  • Potatoes are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is very useful for the immune system, skin and heart. Diseases such as scurvy, caused by deficiency of vitamin C, can be prevented by including potatoes in the daily meals. Dietary fiber present in the potatoes helps in burning excess calories present in the body. Certain nutrients present in sweet potatoes lower the cholesterol levels.
  • A potato has 1,627 grams of potassium. Potato skin has high amounts of potassium. Potassium is essential for the cellular functions of the body. Even a slight potassium deficiency causes high blood pressure and salt sensitivity. Recently, a compound called


    was discovered by scientists in potatoes. This compound helps in lowering blood pressure.

  • Vitamin B6 present in potatoes helps in preventing mental depression, premenstrual syndrome, kidney stones, heart diseases, etc. Vitamin B6 in potatoes is an ideal ingredient in the meals of athletes. Allergies treatment and also strengthening immune system can be done by consuming potatoes.
  • Vitamin A present in sweet potatoes is good for skin, eyes and is essential for healing wounds.
  • Potatoes contain copper and iron. Iron is very essential for maintaining hemoglobin levels in the body. Low intake of iron causes anemia, headache, dizziness and lack of energy. Copper along with iron is important for the formation of red blood cells.
  • These are wholesome foods and you don’t feel hungry for a few hours after eating potatoes. These contain carbohydrates. They facilitate in the digestion of food. People suffering from diarrhea must consume potatoes.

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