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Natural Remedies for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder which may be mild to debilitating. Some of the symptoms of lupus include weight loss, vertigo, sensitivity to sun exposure, renal failure, blood in the urine, malar rash across the cheeks, alopecia, sores in the mouth, fatigue, joint pain and mild fever. People with American, African or Asian Indian ancestry may have more chances of developing lupus.

Lupus is a life threatening condition in extreme stages. Thus, if you note any of the symptoms, it is a must to get diagnosed. Health care providers may prescribe steroids for treating this condition, but they may have adverse effects. Thus, it is recommended to use natural remedies for lupus.


  • Consume foods which contain sulfur like garlic, onions and eggs. These increase the body’s ability in absorbing calcium. Calcium is important for maintaining strong bones. Other useful foods include canola oil, olive oil, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, dark vegetables, pineapples, fish and whole grains. Do not take foods which can worsen your lupus symptoms. These foods include bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, red meat, dairy products and other nightshade vegetables.
  • You can also follow acupuncture treatment. This gives relief from pain and enhances blood circulation.
  • Regular exercise increases mobility.
  • You can also use some herbal remedies. These herbs may include pau d’arco, cat’s claw, licorice root, yucca, flaxseed oil, red clover, alfalfa and milk thistle which may ease the symptoms of lupus. These aid in detoxifying the body. If you have high blood pressure, do not take licorice root as it elevates blood pressure.
  • Take more rest. You must take several naps throughout the day, because lupus may cause fatigue, particularly during flare-ups. Try to sleep for 8 – 10 hours during the nights.
  • Inhale aromatic essential oils like chamomile and lavender, as they provide some relaxation. Joint pains can be relieved by pine essential oil.
  • Lupus symptoms may flare up with stress, thus have a stress-free life.

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