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Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture depends on the complex theory of the functioning of the body which varies from western biologic approach. It is believed that free flow of energy passes through 12 meridians or pathways on the body. Yin and yang are used for balancing the opposites. It is believed that disease is caused due to disruption of normal energy flow.

Acupuncture Points:

An acupuncturist believes that there are certain tender points on the body surface in all the ailments and these regions are considered as the acupuncture points.

According to Chinese literature, nearly 1,000 acupuncture points are present in the body. These points are divided into several categories and all points in each category have same properties. Acupuncture points which are near the affected region have great local impact, particularly in painful conditions. Points below the elbow and knee have greater systematic effect as they are far away.

Do Acupuncture Points Exist?

Most people doubt regarding the existence of acupuncture points. Existence of these points has been explored in various ways by studying:

  • Unique anatomical structures at acupuncture points
  • Electrical properties of sin at the acupuncture points
  • Comparing the impact of needling at the true points versus the sham points
  • Nerves are activated by acupuncture at the acupuncture points

Different Ways to Stimulate Acupuncture Points:

Several ways exist for stimulating the points, such as massages, injections, mechanical vibrations, magnetic oscillators, electrical stimuli, etc. apart from acupuncturing with needles at the acupoints. Several ways exist for practicing acupuncture. Needles are made from several materials, such as stainless steel, alloys, silver as well as gold.

Foot has six meridians. The bottom of foot has three. They include:

  • Spleen meridian
  • Kidney meridian
  • Gallbladder meridian

Other meridians on top or back of foot include:

  • Bladder meridian
  • Stomach meridian
  • Liver meridian

Spleen meridian begins at big toe and even the kidney meridian has its origin in foot. All these sites play a vital role in enjoying good health. Toes have “trigger points” for pancreas, lungs, liver, heart, eyes and ears, hollow of the foot contain important points of kidneys, abdomen and stomach, whereas heel contains points for sex organs and glands.

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