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Natural Remedies for Boils

Boils are very common in many people. These appear on the surface of the skin because of infection under the skin. Some boils are harmless and disappear in a week while a few give irritation and pain. If boils increase in number on the skin’s surface, it results in fever as well as swollen lymph nodes. A type of boil called

Chronic Furunculosis

appears repeatedly. These boils appear on buttocks, back, underarms, shoulders and face.

In the initial stages, the skin becomes red and even becomes soft prior to the appearing of boils. Some people experience itching on the affected area. Later, the skin becomes firm and hard. A few days later, boil center gets infected with bacteria and starts fighting against white blood cells. The pus oozing out from these boils is nothing but bacteria, white blood cells and proteins. It is very essential to treat boils before they become a serious condition, as they may infect the adjacent places. Pus may also mix with the main bloodstream and may carry bacteria to other body parts.

Natural Remedies for Boils:

  • Milk Cream:

    Milk cream is very beneficial in treating boils. Mix 1 tablespoon of milk cream to half a tablespoon of vinegar. Later add some turmeric to this paste and make poultice and apply it on the unripe boil. This makes it ripen without making it septic. This is the simplest natural remedy for boils.

  • Cumin seeds:

    Apply cumin seeds on the boils. Make a paste by boiling cumin seeds in a little water. This gives soothing effect and aids in healing. This is another beneficial natural treatment for boils.

  • Garlic:

    Two or three garlic cloves can be taken along with the meals. This should not be followed if you are suffering from acidity.

  • Bitter Gourd:

    This is very effective in treating boils. This is very effective when the boils are filled with blood. Drink a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice mixed in a tablespoon of lemon juice. This must taken on an empty stomach everyday for a few months at least. This aids in treating boils.

Restrict the intake of non-vegetarian food. Do not smoke and consume alcohol. This may worsen boils on the body.

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