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Foot Spa Therapy

Like other body parts, even the feet needs special care, particularly when you return home after a day’s strenuous work. Particularly, this is applicable when you move around throughout the day by walk. The only best way to sooth the feet is by massaging them. Foot spa massage is the latest trend because it is one among the pedicure therapies as well as prevalent in the fitness industry. The essential oils used for treatment helps in relieving the stress of the tired muscles of the feet.

Types of Foot Spa Therapy:

Holistic Pedicure:

This is a luxurious massage therapy that relaxes the tired feet. Reflexology technique is used in this method for massaging the feet. Like other pedicure therapies, feet are soaked in a tub containing lukewarm water. This therapy starts with a whirl soak and later followed by a 30 minute foot massage. For relieving the stress, pressure points are concentrated more. Finally after massaging, cocoa butter cream is applied.

Aqua-Jet Massage for Foot:

This is very useful for relaxing the tired foot. In this method, 2 hydro-jets are used for foot massage. The feet are soaked in the pedicure bath filled with warm water. Hydro-jets release the water at the controlled speeds that exhilarates the blood circulation. This also stimulates the reflexes in the feet and thus makes your feet feel relaxed. Temperature is maintained at a particular level.

Traditional Foot Massage:

In this, massaging is done to the entire length of the leg, that is from kneecaps to toes. In this method, a special wooden stick called “Jimmy” is used for stimulating the acupressure points. This helps you to feel relaxed and also maintains moisture levels in the skin.

Hot Stone Massage:

In this therapy, volcanic stones are used for massaging the feet gently. This aids in strengthening the muscles of the feet.

Thai Foot Massage:

Thai herbs are used in this therapy. Herbs are packed in small pouches and are steamed. These steamed herbs are applied on the nerve endings of the feet. Thai clove oil and Thai aroma oil also give relief from joint aches. The fragrance of the Thai aroma oil enhances the mood and aids in the energy flow in the body. After the massage, wash your feet with lemon grass and salt water.

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