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How to Lower Heart Rate Naturally

Human heart is probably the most essential organ in the body that supplies blood to other parts for proper functioning. Having a rapid heart rate or high blood pressure is an early symptom of heart disorders, that may follow. It is very difficult to monitor the heart rate and check it regularly for preventing future health problems. Ideally heart rate must be less than 220. Several drugs are available for lowering the heart rate, but these medications may have certain side effects. however, one can try certain natural remedies for lowering the heart rate.

How to Lower Heart Rate Naturally?

Eat Right:

Taking proper diet is very essential in lowering the heart rate naturally. It is noted that people who take less amounts of magnesium, calcium and potassium complain about heart palpitations and irregular heart rate. Skip foods that are rich in sodium and consume protein-rich foods. Foods such as fogs, spinach, raisins, fresh fruits, dairy products and whole grains. Remember to take daily dosage of folic acid because it facilitates the health of the heart and lowers heart problems.

Regular Exercise:

People exercising regularly have strong and healthy heart. A stronger heart beats slowly as it does not require pumping blood at similar pace to that of a normal heart rate. Hence for reducing heart rate, exercise regularly. Several cardiovascular exercises such as walking, swimming, cycling, jogging and running are considered best for lowering the heart rate.

Quit Smoking:

One should avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol. Many undesired toxic and chemical substances enter the body while smoking. It harms the stamina levels which makes one work harder even for the routine work. This increases heart rate and one can lower it by quitting smoking.

Get Rid of Obesity:

People suffering from obesity must loose extra pounds for lowering heart rate. When an obese person climbs the stairs, heart rate increases rapidly when compared to normal person. Eat low fat diet if you are obese. Also regular exercises and monitoring the diet helps in removing excess fat from the body.

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