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Aromatherapy for Insomnia

Insomnia impacts the quality and well-being of lives. The frustration in being unable to get a good sleep during nights adds to lack of sleep. Physical illness, depression, stress, hectic lifestyles and working in abnormal shifts also causes insomnia. Aromatherapy can’t cure the underlying cause of insomnia or insomnia itself, but using relaxing and calming aromatherapy formulations before going to bedtime may potentially assist you fall asleep faster and may make you stay asleep till your expected wake up time.

If you have a severe sleep disorder, then you must consult the health care provider for discussing the situation and take some treatment for the underlying cause because it can be either emotional or physical in nature. Following tips are helpful if you are suffering from occasional insomnia:

  • Bed Linen Spray:

    With this, create a calming spray and spray slightly on the bedsheets before going to bed.

  • Aromatic Cotton Ball:

    Add a drop of lavender or roman chamomile to a cotton ball or tissue and keep it besides pillow during bedtime. People consider that roman chamomile oil is a natural sedative. Clary sage is another essential oil which possesses sedative property.

  • Bath Time:

    This is an excellent way to relax, but should not take bath immediately before going to bed. Hot water increases the blood circulation and makes difficult in falling asleep. Rather, take a bath 30 minutes before bedtime. In bath water, add a drop or two of lavender or roman chamomile essential oil.

  • Massage:

    This is similar bathing in stimulating the blood circulation and generally must be avoided before going to sleep. Before sleeping, gently massage the legs and feet with the calming massage lotion or oil.

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