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Natural Remedies for Hiccups (Hiccoughs)

Hiccups are involuntary actions that is one cannot have control over them. These reflex actions occur because of the contractions in the muscles of the diaphragm. This muscle divides chest from the stomach. Thus, irritation in diaphragm results in erratic breathing, that produces sound. Other causes include excessive eating and eating too fast, spicy and hot foods, sudden excitement, lung infections, kidney problems and stomach disorders. Although, they go away on their own, if hiccups occur continuously for a day or two, it is a cause of concern. Following are natural remedies for hiccups.

Natural Remedies for Hiccups (Hiccoughs):

  • The best and traditional remedy for hiccups would be to have water frequently in short intervals.
  • Slowly lick a tablespoon of sugar. This is another effective natural cure for hiccups.
  • Take deep breaths while suffering from hiccups.
  • Have a tablespoon full of peanut butter. This is a good way to stop hiccups.
  • Gargle with lukewarm water. This is another effective remedy for hiccups.
  • Another simple remedy is to divert the mind to something else. This is a good remedy to stop hiccups.
  • Take a small piece of ginger and suck it slowly. This stops hiccups naturally.
  • Suck crushed ice. This gives instant relief from hiccups.
  • Combine half a tablespoon each of pure ghee and mustard seeds and swallow it. This stops hiccups instantly.
  • Add half a tablespoon of cardamom powder to 2 cups of water and boil it. Strain the mixture and drink it for stopping hiccups.
  • Add two tablespoons of common salt to a cup of yogurt and have it slowly. This gives relief from the hiccups.

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