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Natural Cures for Abrasions

A damage in the upper skin layer, that is epidermis is known as skin abrasion. In this situation, the upper layer of the skin or epidermis gets injured which results in slight bleeding. Although, abrasion doesn’t leave any scar on the skin, it results in a lot of pain. Usually, skin abrasions occur when the skin gets in contact with a rough surface. Other causes of abrasions include bed sore, trauma, accident, falling from a height and sports injuries. However, abrasions are not serious and may be cured with natural remedies.

Natural Remedies for Skin Abrasions:

  • Application of a few drops of lavender oil on the abrasions gives relief from them. This is the most simple and effective natural cure.
  • Dab thyme tea on the affected area. This is another helpful remedy for skin abrasions.
  • Crush the flowers of marigold and apply them on the affected area. This is very effective in curing abrasions.
  • Crush the leaves of parsley, plantain or onion juice and apply it on the affected area. This is the most beneficial remedy for abrasions.
  • Lavender and witch hazel compresses can be used while bathing. This is another effective remedy for abrasions.
  • Proper diet is also essential for the treatment of abrasions. You must take food that is rich in nutrients. You must also avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  • Warm water accompanied by several essential oils such as red thyme, neroli oil, myrrh oil, lavender oil, frankincense and tea tree oil are very essential for treating abrasions.
  • Dock leaves can be applied in the lotion form for the treatment of this condition. These leaves may also be applied directly on the wounds.
  • Vinegar and iodine are very important in the treatment of skin abrasions.
  • Gently wash the wound with hydrogen peroxide. This is another effective remedy for abrasions.
  • Application of aloe gel on the abrasions is another effective remedy for abrasions.
  • Use herbal soap despite of cosmetic soap or chemical soap for washing the affected area.

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