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Castor Oil for Hair

Castor oil is a tasteless and colorless vegetable oil and has mild or no odor. This oil is extracted from the beans of the castor plant. This oil is well known for its use for skin care, as a laxative and as a purgative product. Castor oil may be used as a natural healer along with purifying and cleansing properties if taken internally. This is also used in the treatment of inflammation, muscle aches and infection. Castor oil for hair is the best choice.

Castor Oil for Hair:

Castor oil is suggested for hair treatment as it has fungicidal, germicidal and insecticidal properties of ricinoleic acid contained in the oil. These substances in the oil keep the hair away from fungal and microbial infections that generally results in hair loss.

Many people benefit by applying castor oil for the growth of hair. Regular application of this oil on roots and scalp aids in preventing hair dryness and in a few months, one can notice hair growth.

For making the hair look soft and shiny, hair has to retain moisture. This can be taken care of by the application of castor oil because it is a humectant.

If you have any hair damage, application of this oil on the hair hides the damaged hair, yet simultaneously works effectively in making the hair grow thicker. Hence, usage of castor oil for obtaining thick hair is very beneficial. If your eyelashes are becoming thinner, then you can apply castor oil on the base of the eyelashes each night before going to bed.

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