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Natural Cures for Menstrual Problems

Menstruation is the monthly blood flow from a woman’s body. Briefly, it is shedding of the lining of the uterus that helps in cleansing the womb’s inner surface. Menstrual flow is associated with the reproduction or ovulation functions. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs in females regularly throughout their age of reproduction.

During menstrual periods, females face some problems like menstrual cramps, premenstrual tension, painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea, stoppage of menstrual flow or amenorrhea and excessive menstrual flow or menorrhagia. The best way to solve these problems is to follow some natural remedies which are mentioned below:

Natural Remedies for Menstrual Problems:

  • Sesame seeds

    are very beneficial in curbing menstrual problems. Twice a day, take ½ a tablespoon of sesame seeds powder with a glass of warm water.

  • Another best way to treat these problems would be to drink

    parsley juice

    along with other juice. One can mix 75 ml of juice with same amount of other juices such as cucumber, beet or carrot.

  • Consume unripe


    . This is very beneficial remedy for a securing a proper menstrual flow. This remedy is also useful for women whose menses have stopped due to tension and stress.

  • Add a piece of


    to a cup of water. Ensure that you pound the ginger prior to putting it in water. For a few minutes boil the water and strain the mixture. Add sugar to the decoction and drink it as it cools down. Take this mixture thrice a day.

  • Immerse a complete


    plant in hot water and take bath with that water. This is very useful when one suffers from immense pain during the menstrual periods.

  • Marigold herb

    is very useful in minimizing the pain during the periods and even increases the flow. You are advised to take one tablespoon of this mixture for twice a day.

  • In half a liter of water, boil 6 grams of

    coriander leaves

    . Boil until it reduces to half of the quantity. Add honey or sugar for sweetening it and drink when it is warm.

  • Women facing excessive menstruation problem may follow this remedy. In some water, boil

    banana flower

    till it turns soft. Crush it and consume it with a cup of curd.

  • Extract fresh juice from

    mango bark

    and add 10 ml of its juice to 120 ml of water. Every hour have a tablespoon of this mixture.

  • While suffering from excessive bleeding, consume 13 – 25 grams of the

    Indian barbery herb


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