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Acupuncture for Sinus

Sinus headaches are triggered when the mucous membranes of sinus cavity get inflamed. A deep, dull pain is felt in front of your face or head (side of nose or behind the eyes). The pain peaks during morning after waking up from sleep and quite often the pain is severe when you get cold.

Conventional treatments such as antibiotics and surgeries work better in acute cases of sinusitis. Recently, it has been found that acupuncture is more effective and alternate treatment for sinus. Acupuncture is a widely used traditional treatment and is a part of Chinese medicine.

Acupuncture Treatment for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is characterized by stuffed nose, yellow discharge from front and back of the nose, facial pain, frontal headache and feeling of heaviness in the head. Acupuncture treatment is based on these symptoms.

Acute Sinusitis

In acute sinusitis symptoms, acupuncture aims at treating phlegm (viscous, yellow mucous liquid) in the nasal cavities and regulating the flow of energy in the lungs. Points are selected in the body to clear the heat produced by phlegm.

Sinusitis with No Symptoms

When symptoms of sinusitis are mild or during symptom-free periods, acupuncture aims at increasing the energy in the lungs to prevent the invasion of viruses. Points are even selected to treat body imbalances and for strengthening the digestive system. Here, digestive system is also given acupuncture treatment because according to Chinese medicine, phlegm is produced by the digestive system and stored in the lungs.

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is difficult to treat with acupuncture. This is because the phlegm is difficult to shift as it is thick and sticky. Repeated invasions of viruses make the body weak, thus, making it weak to respond to acupuncture. To treat chronic sinusitis, firstly pathogen is to be eliminated so that the body becomes active.

Acupuncture for sinusitis should be opted only after a complete diagnosis of the condition by the doctor. The acupuncturist determines the imbalances in your body and accordingly provides acupuncture treatment.

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  1. No doubt, with acupuncture one can immediately get positive results irrespective of different symptoms such as nose blocked, mucous of grey, yellow or white color. The dominant energy in this case is dryness which is being controlled by the meridian lungs!
    If mucous is thick one has to sedate implementing sedating procedure.

  2. Great information. Thanks

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