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How to Make Natural Skin Toner

Skin toners are necessary for all skin types. They improve the blood circulation to the skin surface and thus give immense glow to the skin. Moreover natural skin toners are best for toning up the skin and they give long-lasting and permanent results. They contain all the natural ingredients and there are innumerable ways to make them.

Here are a few natural skin toners mentioned that can be made at home:

  • Fruits like oranges, apples and strawberries when eaten as well as applied give good results in toning the skin.
  • Almost all vegetables like potato, tomato, gourd, cucumber, etc can be rubbed onto the skin for a few minutes and they tone up the skin.
  • Mix gram flour with almond powder and cream. Apply this paste on the skin, leave it for sometime and wash the skin. Applying it overnight also gives better results.
  • Tomato juice is a very good skin toner.
  • Honey mixed with lemon can be applied on the skin. This tones up the skin effectively.
  • Massaging olive oil on dry skin tones it.
  • Massaging coconut water tones up the skin.
  • Mix lemon juice, rosewater and glycerin and apply it on the skin. It softens and tones the skin.
  • Rose and generally red petaled flowers are best skin toners. Boil these petals in water, cool them and then apply on the skin.
  • Lemon and turmeric are very effective in toning up the skin.
  • Rub lemon rind on the skin for a few minutes and wash the skin.
  • Chop cucumber into small pieces and put them in a cup of yogurt. Apply this mixture on the skin. Leave it for sometime and wash it off.
  • Boil mint leaves in water. Take 2 drops of mint extract and add a tablespoon of alum. Apply this on the skin with a cotton-wool. It refreshes the skin.

These homemade skin toners work effectively when applied after cleansing the face and before applying moisturizers. They can be applied anytime of the day and in any climate. Natural skin toners refresh the skin and give glow to the skin.

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