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Acupuncture to Stop Smoking

Acupuncture is a powerful alternative treatment for stopping smoking addiction. It is the most reliable and effective method for quitting smoking with no side effects. There are various types of medications that would in stopping smoking but they are very costly. Acupuncture treatments are most beneficial and provide an extra pressure for the addicted to quit smoking.

How does Acupuncture Help Stop Smoking?

Acupuncture uses tiny needles varying of sizes and lengths. With the help of these needles, a particular area of the skin is stimulated. The area for stimulation is chosen according to the pathway that gives energy to the affected area in the body.

In case of smoking cessation, needles are pierced into the regions that affect energy flow to lungs, respiratory system and mouth. Even some parts of brain that generate cravings for smoking are stimulated. Commonly used points to stop smoking are:

  • Ear points – Kidney, shenmen, upper and lower lung, sympathetic and mouth.
  • Body points – Tim mee (located on the wrist) and four gate points.

It has been observed that smokers who are treated with acupuncture, have less desire to smoke and it eventually comes down. Also, another observation has been made that people who underwent acupuncture are more likely to stop smoking than others who smoke.

How can a Smoker Receive Best Acupuncture to Stop Smoking?

To receive the best benefits from acupuncture, follow the below mentioned simple tips:

  • For an effective acupuncture treatment, the smoker should get the treatment done twice a week for three weeks. There should not be any gap in between the treatment. This kicks out the habit of smoking as quickly as possible.
  • Self acupressure on ears should be practiced by the smoker to enhance the effect of treatment and reduce the cravings to pass.
  • Acupuncture treatment to stop smoking works even better when accompanied with other therapies like nicotine replacement therapy.

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  1. Really like it that people are taking notice of alternative therapies when it comes to giving up smoking. I tried a range of therapies, but found that this hypnotherapy windows phone app really helped me as it was always there when i felt a craving and offered real support (odd as its just a selection of audio tracks!). The course is so supportive and doesnt give you a hard time if you down stop smoking immediately.

    Think that this would work really well in conjunction with acupuncture too.

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