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Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms come under fungi but they are classified as a vegetable. There are about 38,000 varieties of mushrooms, in which only 3000 are edible and about 700 are medicinally beneficial. Earlier, mushrooms were used in Chinese Medicine. But even now, most of the people prefer this as it is a natural medicine, safer and does not produce any side effects. They have many health benefits as they contain natural ingredients which help to prevent and fight against cancers and other health ailments.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Breast Cancer and Prostrate Cancer –

Mushrooms have anti carcinogenic properties , by which they fight and prevent the cancers of breast and prostrate. Estrogen hormone is the key factor for breast cancer in women after menopause. Mushrooms contain linoleic acid that suppress the estrogen effects. Another compound called, beta-glucans inhibits cancerous cells in case of prostrate cancer.

Cholesterol Levels –

Mushrooms contain zero cholesterol, very low carbohydrates and fats. Certain enzymes and fiber present in them lower the cholesterol levels and provide the body with lean proteins. Lean protein content burns the cholesterol when they are digested.

Immunity –

Mushrooms contain a powerful antioxidant called, ergothioneine which is very effective in boosting up the immunity. They even contain natural antibiotics that fight against fungal and other microbial infections. Vitamin A, B and C present in mushrooms strengthen the immune system.

Diabetes –

Mushrooms are very good for diabetics as they contain no cholesterol, no fats, high minerals, vitamins and proteins, lot of fiber and water. They even possess natural insulin that helps in breaking down starch and sugar in food. They even help in proper functioning of pancreas, liver and endocrinal glands.

Weight Loss –

Lean protein diet is good for building muscle mass and losing weight. Hence, mushrooms should be included in regular diet as they help in losing weight by burning the fats.

Other Health Benefits –

Mushrooms are the second source for Vitamin D after cod liver oil. They are are effective in treating anemia, good for bones, good for lowering blood pressure, good for healthy hair, nails and teeth.

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