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Natural Remedies for Rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that mainly affects fair-skinned people. Research studies show that about 14 million people are affected by this condition in the U.S alone. It is characterized by dilated blood vessels in the face, inflamed eyes and red-acne-like bumps. The most affected regions are the forehead, nose and chin. This skin condition is not curable and the natural remedies work best to control the condition. Moreover they are safe and effective than the conventional treatments like medications and therapies.

Enlisted below are a few natural remedies for rosacea:


– This herb can treat mild forms of rosacea. Research studies proved this to be a potent herb for treating skin conditions.

Egg white

– Mix egg white and lemon and apply this on the affected areas. Allow it to dry and wash the area with lukewarm water.


– This helps to reduce the irritation caused by rosacea. It also calms and soothes the mind from the feeling of discomfort and pain.

Green Tea

– This is known for providing many health benefits. Consuming the tea provides relief from the rosacea symptoms.


– Mix oatmeal along with yogurt and apply this to the affected areas. Allow the mask to dry and wash it with lukewarm water. After washing with lukewarm water, the pores get opened and now wash the affected areas with cold water.doing this twice a day cools the affected areas.


– It is very effective natural remedy for treating rosacea. It reduces the irritations and is also good for dermatitis affected areas.

Tea tree oil

– This remedy fights with the bacteria in the affected skin areas and reduces the irritations and redness in the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

– This can be taken orally as a remedy for rosacea. It normalizes the bacterial balance in the intestines by releasing stomach digestive enzymes.

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