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Natural Ways to Induce Labor

Natural ways are the best ways to induce labor and they may be chosen to avoid fetal or maternal risks and invasive medical ways to induce labor. The labor can take place only when the cervix is ripen. The natural methods of labor inducing help the cervix ripen by making it dilate, soft and contract uterus, thus, allowing the baby to come out easily.

For a women who want to pursue childbirth naturally, some of the following methods mentioned work well. Even if the women wants to pursue labor through medical intervention, trying natural ways would also help her better before going for medical help.

Natural Labor Induction Ways

  • Exercise –

    General exercises, swinging in a swing and walking can help to induce labor easily by contracting uterus.

  • Enemas –

    Enemas cause the uterus to contract by causing bowel contraction. This will help the cervix open easily.

  • Herbs –

    Certain herbs like borage oil, blue and black cohosh, evening primrose oil, Castor oil, yarrow, mugwort and goldenseal act as natural uterine stimulants. Evening primrose oil directly placed on the cervix makes it soften and dilate and thus inducing labor effectively.

  • Visualization –

    Keep relaxed and quiet, and imagine your uterus is contracting as well as labor process. Self-hypnosis or hypnosis can work best.

  • Nipple stimulation –

    This method successfully helps in inducing labor. It can be done by rolling nipples between the forefingers and thumb for 2 minutes, resting for 3 minutes and again repeating the procedure of rolling and resting for 20 minutes.

  • Pineapple –

    Consuming lots of pineapples help in ripening the cervix and thus, inducing labor.

  • Cumin tea –

    This also works wonders in inducing labor. Take 1 tsp of cumin seeds and add them in a cup of boiling water. Leave it to cool for 5 minutes and consume the tea.

Neither of the ways, medical nor natural would work 100% efficiently to induce labor. Firstly, take a proper advice from the doctor before going for any natural labor induction ways.

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