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Aromatherapy Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is obtained from many varieties of rose plants. The most common plants used for extracting the oil are Rosa centifolia and Rosa damascena. There are many health benefits of rose essential oil. There are two main categories in rose essential oil. They are:

  • Rose Absolute –

    This is extracted by processes such as solvent extraction and super-critical carbon-dioxide extraction.

  • Rose Otto –

    This is called rose attar that is extracted by steam distillation process.

Enlisted below are the health benefits of rose essential oil:

  • Rose essential oil is used primarily for therapeutic body massage. Massaging with rose oil improves the blood and lymph circulation in the body. It also enhances the activity of glands, muscles and nervous systems, thus rose oil rejuvenates the skin and body.
  • Add a few drops of rose oil in the bathing water. It provides relaxation to the body and mind and the aroma of the oil gives soothing effect.
  • It is very effective in relieving the symptoms of cough and asthma. The infusion made by rose oil treats the respiratory disorders effectively.
  • It is beneficial is treating cramps and pains. Add a few drops of rose oil in cold or hot water. Dip an absorbent cloth in this water and use this as a compress on the affected body area. It gives relief from muscle cramps, menstrual and body aches.
  • Rose essential oil is beneficial for those suffering from depression, stress and tension. The rich aroma of the oil relieves the nervous tension by exhilarating the senses.
  • It stimulates the digestive system by aiding digestion process.
  • Rose essential oil effectively treats heart ailments such as high blood pressure.
  • It provides relief from hay fever, liver congestion and nausea.
  • It also protects the skin from psoriasis, eczema and any other skin ailments. It can be mixed along with skin creams and used. It therefore moisturizes and hydrates the skin.

Note –

Rose oil should be mixed with any other carrier oils like jojoba oil or olive oil and used. The reason behind this is on direct application of rose oil on the skin, it may sometimes cause inflammation and skin rashes.

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