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Benefits Of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a member of mulberry family with the botanical name, Artocarpus heterophyllus. The jackfruits are average sized fruits that weigh over 75 lbs. There are wide range of benefits of jackfruits. The fruit is green-yellow in color with custard yellow colored flesh and a banana-life flavored. Leaves are deep green and glossy in color.

Jackfruits are believed to be originated in rain forests of Western Ghats in India and later vegetated in other parts of India, Philippines, East Indies and South-east Asia. There are two varieties of jackfruits – one variety is soft, fibrous and sweet in taste while the other variety is crunchy, crisp and not that sweet in taste.

Each and every part of jackfruit tree has got many benefits which find helpful to everyone. Here are the benefits of jackfruit enlisted below:

  • Latex –

    It is effective in treating pharyngitis, ophthalmitis and dysopia. It can also be mixed in vinegar to heat glandular swellings, snakebites and abscesses.

  • Leaves –

    Leaves of jackfruit has got the properties to cure fever, skin diseases and boils. They can even be heated and applied to the wounded area to get quick relief. Leaves are burnt and made into ash along with coconut shells and corn and used as such or along with coconut oil to treat ulcers.

  • Seeds –

    The starch extracted from the seeds of jackfruit can be used in relieving from nausea and revulsion. The roasted seeds act as aphrodisiac.

  • Root –

    The root of jackfruit is an effective remedy for diarrhea, fever and skin diseases.

  • Pulp and Seeds –

    They are considered as nutritious and cooling tonic in China. According to them, the fruit overcomes an individual body system from the alcoholic influence.


  • Individuals who are allergic to birch pollen can show allergic signs and symptoms towards jackfruit.
  • Excess intake of jackfruit can increase blood coagulation.
  • The wood of the tree had sedative properties and if taken in accidentally can result in abortion.

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