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Benefits of Manjishta

Manjishta is a perennial herb and a climber that grows to a height of 1.5 meters. It has got unique characteristics with woody based stem, evergreen leaves, grayish-black and small flowers and reddish-black berries that are shining, fleshy and smooth. Not only characteristics, but even benefits of manjishta are various. It is used both externally and internally. This plant is a native to India and found in all regions of India.

Enlisted below are the benefits of Manjishta:

  • Manjishta is a potent anti-diarrhoeal and blood purifier.
  • It also helps in improving digestion, stimulates appetite and destroys the body’s toxins and wastes.
  • The herb is effectively used in ulcers and wounds dressing. It provides quick relief by drying them out.
  • It is beneficial for treating skin diseases such as oozing and edema.
  • The powder made from roots can be mixed with ghee and used to treat acne.
  • The decoction made from leaves can be used to wash the chronic wounds and then can be dressed with an external agent.
  • The paste made from manjishta’s roots can be applied to the skin for removing the tan and discoloration.
  • The root paste when mixed with honey and applied, helps in treating the inflamed skin and improves the tone and smoothness of the skin.
  • Manjishta is effective in treating various skin diseases like eczema, erysipelas, allergies and scabies.
  • It is also good for treating gastrointestinal diseases such as dyspepsia, loss of appetite and bacterial infestations.
  • The cold infusion of the herb helps in improving menstrual bleeding and gives relief from the pain and discomfort.
  • The herb provides soothing relief to the mind by controlling nerve irritation.
  • Manjishta is an effective medication for hoarseness of voice.
  • It is used in treating post-natal ailments as it has the ability to stimulate and cleanse the uterus.
  • The anti-diabetic nature of manjishta is helpful in treating urinary calculi (stones).
  • It effectively cleanses and regulates the functioning of liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas.
  • The fruit of manjishta is good for treating liver diseases.

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