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10 Health Benefits Of Acupuncture

Does acupuncture really work effectively? Is it beneficial for all kinds of illnesses? Research studies show that it works good for a few illnesses but not all illnesses can be treated. The following article gives out some of the health benefits of acupuncture, including many disorders and illnesses such as angina, depression, headaches, fertility and many more.

  • Balance disorders –

    The research study findings given in an issue of the

    International Tinnitus Journal

    in the year 2004 reported that many victims who had suffered from balance disorders showed positive results after getting treated by acupuncture. Balance disorders caused by whiplash are treated effectively by acupuncture.

  • Angina –

    Angina is chest or heart pain that happens due to lack of blood to heart muscles. A research study was published in the June 1999 issue of the

    American Journal of Physiology

    about electro-acupuncture, which is mainly done for treating angina. In this acupuncture treatment, needles are connected to an electric battery and are inserted into the acupuncture points. The electric pulses generated will cure the disorder.

  • Morning sickness –

    Many studies revealed that morning sickness can be well treated with acupuncture. It is well published in an issue of the

    Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

    in October, 2000. Acupuncture also relieves nausea during early pregnancy stages.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome –

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is the condition in which a person suffers from pains and aches of fingers and hands. This may happen due to repetitive motions such as using a keyboard or mouse for a long time during work. Acupuncture treats this syndrome very effectively and the findings were published in the issue of the

    Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

    In February 1999. People who were treated with acupuncture showed a great recovery from this syndrome.

  • Weight loss –

    Acupuncture treatment helped in suppressing the appetite thus making it easier to lose the excess weight. This was a very effective treatment for obese people and the studies were published in 1998 issue of the

    Australian Family Physician


  • Tennis elbow –

    It is a condition in which the elbow becomes tender and sore. A research study reported by the

    Research in Complementary and Classical Natural Medicine

    in August, 2002 issue showed that acupuncture is very effective in dealing with tennis elbow pains.

  • Depression –

    Electro-acupuncture is the best treatment for treating depression. It also helps in improving the benefits of medications taken for depression. The study findings are published in the December issue of the

    Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience


  • Headaches –

    Acupuncture eases and relieves the pain of chronic, serious headaches such as migraine headaches. The findings of the study on acupuncture treating headaches was published in the issue of the

    British Medical Journal

    in March 2004.

  • Men’s Infertlity –

    Acupuncture helps to strengthen the quantity and quality of semen in men and shows positive effects in men’s fertility. The research study made on this was published in the

    Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    which gave all the findings and benefits of acupuncture on men’s infertility.

  • Hypertension –

    Acupuncture is very beneficial in treating high blood pressure. The patients showed a drastic improvement after being treated by acupuncture. The findings were published in the Journal of the

    British Medical Acupuncture Society

    on May, 1994.

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