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Health Benefits of Yams

Yams are the vine plants native to countries of Tropical America, Africa and Asia. They are cylindrically long plants with scaly, rough exteriors. It is also worshiped in some areas due to its great health and nutritional benefits. The

health benefits of yams

are many and moreover they are of about 200 varieties of yams with each variety providing diverse health benefits. The scientific names of some beneficial yams are Dioscorea batatas, Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea esculenta.

The health benefits of yams are as follows:

  • Wild yam has got many medicinal benefits. It helps in effective

    functioning of female endocrine and renal systems

    . This is a traditional medicine used from centuries in Chinese medicine. Research studies are now been going on to create an evident theory to support this treatment.

  • Wild yam is also good for pregnant woman. It alleviates nausea and

    decreases water retention

    in the body.

  • Yams are beneficial in

    treating premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

    . The high vitamin B6 content present in yams provides relief from depression that is experienced during premenstrual stage. It effectively fights against heart diseases such as heart stroke and attacks.

  • Yams have rich amounts of manganese which is very essential factor for

    antioxidant metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism

    . It even acts as a co-factor in many enzymes for energy production.

  • They help

    maintain blood sugar levels

    as they have very low sugar content and gets absorbed in the bloodstream slowly.

  • The high fiber content in yams helps in controlling body weight and therefore it is a

    good source for dietary fiber


  • Yams are beneficial for efficient

    functioning of nervous, urinary, respiratory systems

    . It also helps in proper optimal glandular functioning.

  • Mexican wild yam variety has got

    antispasmodic properties

    and therefore used in treating pains, menstrual cramps, neurological disorders, improper circulation, muscle tension, nerve tension, intestinal and abdominal cramps.

  • Yams aid

    digestion process

    by dilating vessels and stimulating flow of bile juice.

  • Yams are very good source of potassium and therefore helps in

    controlling and maintaining blood pressure levels


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