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Benefits Of Burdock

Burdock root is a purifying biennial herb found in the countries of the United States, Europe and China. The generic name of this plant is Articum lappa that has got many medicinal properties. The

benefits of burdock

are many discussed in the below article. It benefits different body systems including circulatory, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, immune and glandular systems. It has many medicinal properties and used in herbal medicines.

Enlisted below are the benefits of Burdock

  • Burdock has got

    aphrodisiac properties

    and is very effective in treating sterility and impotence.

  • The seed of burdock possess volatile oils that act as


    . It helps in eliminating the toxins from the body by inducing more sweat.

  • It has got high mineral content and is a very

    good source of iron

    , thus helping in hemoglobin synthesis.

  • Herbal practitioners use this herb in

    treating health issues like flu, gallstones and liver problems

    . Burdock support the kidneys in filtering the acids from the bloodstream.

  • It is a very good source of essential oils and has got





  • Burdock root is an important

    source of carbohydrate insulin.

  • It helps in eliminating the dangerous toxins from the body and is called a

    natural blood purifier


  • It is a


    and is considered to be the safe herb to treat water retention in the body. It helps in promoting sweating and

  • In the past, herbalists used this herb in

    treating snake bites


  • Burdock provides a

    soothing effect for hemorrhoids


  • It is used externally to

    treat skin problems

    like psoriasis, eczema and canker sores too.

  • Burdock extract has been used since past in Europe for

    healthy hair growth

    . It effectively treats dandruff and improves the hair condition. Massaging the scalp with burdock root oil provides benefits for hair.

  • It is a


    and helps eliminate uric acid from the body.

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