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Top 5 Natural Cures For Boils

Boils occur when a bacteria causes localized infection in hair follicles. The bacteria responsible for boils formation is staphylococci. Though they are not a serious condition, they cause severe pain and ooze out pus. There are

nature cures for boils

which not only treat them but also provide complete healing. These nature cures work well when you maintain a proper hygiene and health.

Following are the top 5 natural cures for boils that are very effective with no side effects.

  • Turmeric –

    Turmeric is very effective nature cure for boils due to its blood purifying and anti-inflammatory properties. An intake of 450 mg of turmeric a day is beneficial in curing boils. It can also be applied directly on the boil and covered with band-aid or some gauze.

  • Tea Tree Oil –

    This is used to treat all types of skin conditions due to smell. Apply the oil directly on the boil until it is healed completely.

  • Epsom Salts –

    Epsom salt baths are beneficial in treating boils. The salts take out the bacteria present in the boils. You can bath in Epsom salts for about 15 – 20 minutes but not more than that.

  • Castor Oil –

    This helps to treat the boil by pulling out the bacteria in boils. Put some Castor oil in a pad or cotton ball and apply it on the boils. It heals the boils very quickly.

  • Honey –

    This is another effective natural cure for boils. Using a cotton ball, apply honey onto the boil and cover it with a band-aid. It removes the bacteria from the boils and provides relief. Manuka honey is the best honey to treat its antiseptic nature. A very few people can tolerate its most concentrated boils.

  • Iodine –

    Direct application of iodine onto the boils treats them effectively. It soaks into the skin and kills the bacteria.

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