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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy In Women

Hormone replacement is a good option for treating physical and emotional problems during menopausal stage of a woman. Conventional therapies that include synthetic hormones to treat and cure the problems produce many serious health issues such as hot flashes, preventing vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. They also increase the risk for cancers.

Natural hormone replacement therapy in women

heals the menopausal problems without producing any side effects.

Natural hormone replacement therapy in women uses natural supplements and diets that would very effectively reduce the menopausal problems.


  • Flaxseeds are the right option for treating hormonal abnormalities.
  • They are rich in lignin content that helps in improving the hormonal balance in the body.
  • They also contain phytoestrogen (estrogen of plant similar to estrogen of human)
  • Flaxseeds also have anti-estrogen properties which help in controlling and preventing the breast cancer growth.
  • They also heal the night sweats and hot flashes associated with menopausal symptoms.


  • Soy can be best included in the menopausal women diet. But, you should be even careful that you will not overload with soy products as they harm the health.
  • The safer soy products are fermented soy and tofu.
  • Soy is the richest source of phytoestrogen.
  • A daily consumption of soy should not be more than 50 mg. In case if excess is consumed, it increases the risk of breast cancers.
  • Excess intake of soy also leads to abnormal rise in copper levels in the body that even worsens the hormonal levels. To avoid this complication, you should take diet rich in zinc content. The reason behind this is zinc produces counter effects to excess estrogen.

Evening Primrose Oil

  • Primrose oil is considered to be the best alternative to synthetic hormones. The fatty acid called GLA (gamma linolenic acid) is effective in healing the menopausal symptoms.
  • It also stimulates serotonin secretion that helps in reducing the depressions and mood swings related with menopause.
  • It could also provide relief from hot flashes.

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