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Natural Cures For Under Eye Bags

Puffy, drooping bags under the eyes are a cosmetic problem that makes a person look older than their actual age. This condition can be caused due to factors like inadequate sleep, allergies, fluid retention due to diet, normal aging and heredity. Under eye bags can also be caused due to usage of commercial beauty products like mascaras and under eye creams. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thin and thus sags easily when stretched due to these factors.

Natural cures for under eye bags

help to get rid of the condition and are most effective.

Listed below are the natural cures for under eye bags:

Water –

Consuming 8 – 10 glasses of water a day makes the body get rid of all the impurities. This very well contributes to healing the under eye bags.

Potato –

Slice two thin pieces of potato and place each slice under the eyes and leave them for 20 minutes.

Lemon –

Put two thin sliced lemon pieces directly on the under eye bags. Do not open the eyes when these slices are kept. Leave for 20 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water.

Cucumber –

Slice two cucumber pieces and soak them in lemon juice for 3 – 5 minutes. Now put these slices on the under eye bags for 15 minutes.

Milk –

Soak cotton balls in milk and put them under the eyes for about 10 minutes. The lactic acid content present in milk reduces the under eye darkness.

Almond Oil –

Massage the under eye area with this oil before going to bed. It effectively helps in removing the under eye bags.

Mint Leaves –

Crush a few mint leaves and apply it under the eyes for about 15 minutes.

Papaya –

Consumption of ripened papaya regularly helps in healing the under eye bags.

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