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Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit

Jujube fruit, also called by names like red date or Chinese date is the most popular fruit. The jujube tree is a small deciduous tree that grows to an average height of 5 – 10 meters. It bears tiny yellowish green blossoms and purple to red colored fruits. To know about the

health benefits of jujube fruit

, read on the following article that may find helpful to you in certain health issues. jujube fruit

Following are the health benefits of jujube fruit:

Treats Cancer –

The juice of jujube fruit has

cytotoxic properties

and thus can treat various cancers. A study made by the National Center for Biotechnology, gave out the findings that it is known to decrease the number of tumor cells from dividing. It has high content of bioactive compounds that help in preventing chronic health disorders.

Purifies Blood –

The dried jujube fruit contains triterpenoids, alkaloids, saponin compounds that have the property of blood purification and also help in digestion process.

Produces Antioxidant Properties –

The fruit has antioxidant property that helps in

rejuvenating the skin

from all impurities and toxins.

Relieves Stress –

Jujube helps in alleviating the developed stress. The dried fruit can be used in a powdered form to help

calm nerves and also reduce anxiety


Protects Liver –

Research studies showed that jujube fruits is very beneficial in liver functioning. It has the ability to protect liver from any injury and helps

prevent oxidative stress

in the liver. Oxidative stress is a condition where many free radicals are formed in the body and can lead to many health issues.

Other Benefits –

Jujube fruit s effective in treating fatigue, diarrhea, appetite loss and improves immunity. It is also beneficial in increasing stamina, improving muscular strength and strengthening liver function.

The tea made from jujube fruit is effective treating sore throats. On regular consumption of the fruit, it helps in treating anemia, bronchitis and fatigue.

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