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Do Natural Sleeping Pills Work

Are you unable to fall asleep? Even though you are not alone, you face the problem? Statistical evidences show that almost 10 – 40% of individuals can’t get to sleep and once they wake up, they are unable to sleep again. About 15% of individuals have chronic insomnia disorder i.e difficulty in sleeping for a certain time period. Some other factors such as poor health, effect of drugs, work pressure and relationship worries can also lead to sleeping difficulties.

To rule out these difficulties, sleeping pills can be taken to have a sound sleep. Lets look on whether the

natural sleeping pills work.

There are conventional medications to treat this sleeping problems but they are habit forming i.e once they are habituated, we find difficult to sleep without taking them. They also leave the person blurry-eyed the following morning.

What are The Natural Alternatives?

Research studies conducted studies on nearly 15 alternative medications to treat sleeping difficulties such as herbs, Valerian, antihistamines, minerals and vitamins. These results were published in the Australian Choice magazine.

Most of the natural sleeping pills contained Valerian either alone or in combination with other herbal products. It is known to be the largest seller of alternative sleeping pills and it had even undergone many clinical trials compared to other natural remedies.

The next important herbs that were used to treat sleeping difficulties are chamomile, hops and passionflower. Herbs rich in minerals and vitamins like magnesium, calcium, vitamins K and B6 work best to treat sleeping problems.

Herbs rich in antihistamines like doxylamine and promethazine are not good as they make the person more drowsy that may persist till the next day long. Even they produce unpleasant effects.

Alternative to Medications

Medications either natural or conventional may develop habit forming in individuals. Hence, it is better if you go only on certain lifestyle changes. There are natural methods that may find helpful to you to beat away the sleeping problems. They include:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol before bedtime. You may have a notion that it acts as a sedative but it actually disturb the sound sleep.
  • Make your sleeping room comfortable with a soft mattress on a bed, a good ventilation and a quiet room.
  • If you are not asleep within 15 minutes of going to bed, get up and try to relax by listening to music or reading a book until you fall asleep.
  • Don’t go to bed too early and even don’t go unless you are tired.

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