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Health Benefits Of Wood Apple

Wood apple also called monkey fruit, curd fruit or elephant apple is a native fruit of India and Ceylon. The scientific name of the fruit is Feronia limonida and is round in shape and colorless. A wide range of

health benefits of wood apple

exist. This is due to the fruit’s rich content in natural acids like malic, tannic and oxalic acids. It contains rich vitamins A, B, C, iron, phosphorus and calcium. <Wood Apple


health benefits of wood apple

are even contributed by its tannin content. The leaves contain an essential oil which acts as an astringent.

Listed below are the health benefits of wood apple:

  • Aids Digestion –

    Wood apple helps in improving digestion. It fights against the germs present in intestine and is a good natural remedy for digestive tract problems. The trunk and branches secrete gum like substance which is very effective in curing dysentery and diarrhea conditions. It is also good for treating ulcers, piles and constipation conditions. Leaves of wood apple contain tannin that helps reduce inflammation.

  • Prevents Scurvy –

    Scurvy is a deficiency condition characterized by bleeding of gums, skin which is due to vitamin C deficiency. Wood apple helps to prevent this condition as it is rich in vitamin C content.

  • Cleanses Blood –

    Prepare about 50mg juice and mix in warm water. Add sugar if needed and consume it. It helps in purifying blood.

  • Relief from Respiratory Problems –

    Leaves are effective in curing sore throats, colds and related respiratory problems. The fruit cures chronic cough condition.

  • Good for Diabetic Patients –

    The gum extract of truck and branches is beneficial in reducing the serious complications of diabetes.

  • Boosts Energy –

    100 grams of wood apple gives around 140 calories of energy to the body system.

  • Cures Snakebites –

    All the wood apple plant parts are used in Ayurvedic treatments to heal snakebites.

  • Treats Ear-aches –

    The root of wood apple plant is beneficial in treating ear related problems.

  • Good for Kidney Health –

    Regular consumption of wood apple helps treat kidney related disorders and maintains health of the kidneys.

Wood apple fruits can be taken in raw form as well as in juice form. The ripened fruits are sweet and tasty. They can be consumed along with honey or sugar that tastes really good. Raw fruits cane be made into chutneys.

Note –

Wood apples can cause flatulence when taken in excellence hence, people suffering from gastric problems should be very careful in consuming this fruit.

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