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Sea Buckthorn Health Benefits For Skin Care

Sea buckthorn is an orange berry native of Europe and Asia and is renowned for its medicinal benefits. It is a truly awesome fruit that grows only in shady regions of Russia, China and Canada. Wondering about

sea buckthorn health benefits for skin care

? Yes, every part of the plant including leaves, seeds, rind and pulp are used to treat skin ailments like burns and eczema, and also help in boosting energy levels.

Longing for a beautiful, healthy and glowing skin? Natural products work the best to ward off any signs of aging and make the skin look beautiful. Among the natural beauty cares, sea buckthorn is the latest sensation with many health benefits for skin care especially. sea buckthorn

Following are the benefits of sea buckthorn for skin care that make this tiny fruit great for skin.

Reduces Wrinkles

Sea buckthorn is supplied with antioxidants along with the vitamins C and E, and it is evident that these nutrients prevent wrinkle formation. A form of vitamin E called alpha tocopherol helps reduce length of facial lines, skin roughness and depth of wrinkles on topical application.

Buckthorn contains about 16 times much vitamin C when compared to kiwi fruit. Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals and also helps form collagen. It treats photo damaged skin and thus improves overall appearance.

Softens Skin

For a soft and supple skin, you need good moisture so that the skin retains the moisture. Sea buckthorn contains essential fatty acids and vitamins C and E which help the skin in retaining moisture. Essential fatty acids help maintain moisture balance in the skin.

Generally when the skin lacks essential fatty acids, it can be associated with eczema and dandruff conditions. But, when the skin gets abundant essential fatty acids, it feels silky smooth and soft.

Rejuvenates Skin

Sea buckthorn has abundant amounts of vitamin A which is very popular for skin care. Along with its vitamin E content, it produces the effectiveness of skin rejuvenation. It helps to increase the cell turnover number and enhances skin regeneration and makes the skin look more youthful than dull.

An Anti-Aging Wonder

Premature aging can happen due to factors like smoking, lack of moisture and sun damage. Sea buckthorn has the ability to protect the skin from all these factors related to aging.

On exposure to sun’s radiations, the collagen production in the skin is inhibited which makes the skin saggy and wrinkled. Small spots called age spots can also form on the skin on sun exposure. Cigarette smoking develops the risks of lines, wrinkles and leathery skin that make the skin appear older.

Sea buckthorn contains rich amounts of essential fatty acids, vitamins, phytosterols and flavonoids all of which help in anti-aging. It can also benefit the skin by curing the skin from sunburns, discolorations and chemicals.

Sea buckthorn can also help treat conditions like dermatitis, rosacea, eczema and allergy-prone sensitive skin. For its amazing effects on skin, try sea buckthorn available in forms of creams, oils and lotions and make your skin look younger and softer.

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