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Plants That Help Improve Immune System

Immune system plays a very important role in our body by protecting against all kinds of aggressions. Our body system prone to many kinds of aggressions and to protect from all these a good immune system is necessary. Natural remedies work the best to improve the immune system and its functioning. There are a few

plants that help improve immune system

and they are even very ideal to keep the health condition intact.

Let’s know about the various plants that help improve immune system and therefore help the body from all kind of aggressions.


This plant stimulates the immune system and improves its effects on treating various infections. It has got powerful antibiotic properties and can be found as a main ingredient in many natural pharma products.

It is generally recommended for people with colds. It helps in boosting up the immunity from disease conditions like pharyngitis, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis and tonsillitis.


It has the ability to fight against the organisms that cause infections and is also used as a natural vaccine for flu disease. The red flower species of echinacea are good for immunity stimulation. It provides very quick effects and causes no side effects.

It not only treats colds but also helps get rid of infections related to renal and sinusitis. It can be used both as a powder or tincture forms.


It gives very quick results by causing an increase in organism’s temperature, therefore boosting the immune system. Tea made from majoram helps prevent cold from getting aggressive, makes the body warm and relaxes muscles. Due to the body warm up, you may sweat for a period of 1 to 3 days. This plant remedy is mainly recommended for people who has cold sensitivity and an abnormal peripheral circulation.


Blueberries are not only good for their black beans but also its stalks and leaves carry health benefits. They contain rich amounts of vitamins A, E, B (B1, B2), F and PP. It helps improve immune system by providing multiple therapeutic effects like neutralization of infections in the intestine, regeneration of blood vessels, fights against free radicals and adjusts immune responses.


This plant is known for its curative effects from past. The tea and syrup made from it gives a energy boost and improves the organism’s resistance to infections. Therefore, the immunity is increased. It is also effective in stimulating the immune responses in treating gastric and duodenal disorders.


Cabbage has got the ability to treat many disease conditions like low blood pressure, constipation, feverish states and difficulties in digestion. Therefore, it improves the immune responses against these conditions.
For curing cold conditions, you can consume 1 to 2 glasses of sour cabbage broth everyday to attain a better immunity. Consuming large quantities of broth helps to stimulate the immune effect by warming up the body temperature.

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