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Health Benefits Of Collard Greens

Collard greens

are leafy vegetables which come under the same family of kale and spring greens. They have smooth textured, dark blue-green colored and broader leaves. This vegetable is cultivated in the states of Montenegro, Kashmir, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and some parts of southern America and Africa. This was a very popular vegetable during ancient Roman and Greek civilizations and is used as a basic component in Southern American cuisines due to its high medicinal properties. To know about the amazing

health benefits of collard greens

, read the following article.

Listed below are some of the health benefits of collard greens: collard greens

  • Promotes health of the lungs –

    Exposure to cigarette smoke can cause lung damage as carcinogen component present in cigarettes causes vitamin A deficiency in the body. The deficiency of vitamin A develops emphysema which is a progressive disorder of lungs. Taking high amounts of collard green vegetable in diet helps to counteract this effect as it contains high amounts of vitamin A.

  • Protects Against Homocysteine –

    Homocysteine molecule is produced in the body by a process of methylation. This molecule is potentially harmful which causes damage to blood vessels leading to risk of heart strokes and attacks. To avoid these complications, foods rich in vitamins B6 and folate need to be taken which are abundantly found in collard greens.

  • Regenerates Glutathione –

    Glutathione is one of the important antioxidants in the body that helps protect against cholesterol effects on blood vessels. Collard greens are rich in riboflavin vitamin that can regenerate the glutathione in the body system.

  • Counteracts Cardiovascular Diseases –

    Collard greens are rich in niacin vitamin that is very effective in lowering elevated cholesterol levels and thereby preventing the conditions like atherosclerosis, other heart diseases and diabetes.

  • Neutralizes Menopausal Effects –

    The magnesium, calcium and vitamin E content in collard greens help women with the side effects in menopause stage. It helps in promoting good sleep, avoiding bone loss and reducing the hot flashes that most of the women experience during menopause stage.

  • Strengthens Bone Health –

    The rich calcium content aids in improving the strength and density of bones. It also contains phosphorus which along with calcium forms a complex called hydroxyapatite and improves the strength and structure of bones.

These are a few health benefits of collard greens that can be very helpful. So, take in more amounts of them in your diet to avoid all the above mentioned health issues.

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