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Health Benefits of Leeks

Leeks are one of the under-appreciated vegetables because many people reach to its closest cousin, onions but, ignore this mellow flavored, subtle stalk. In addition to the mild and pleasing flavor, the

health benefits of leeks

are pretty terrific and make this vegetable a best choice for health conscious diet.

Leeks come under the same family of onions and garlic and is scientifically called Allium porrum. It has a mild onion taste and is more firm and crunchy in raw form. It is a very good source of minerals and vitamins and therefore is effective in fighting against many health ailments and strengthens the immune system.

Listed below are health benefits of leeks:


  • The combination of nutrients present in leeks helps in maintaining the normal blood sugar levels. The nutrients that help include vitamins B6, C, folate, manganese and iron. They slow down the sugar absorption and lower the sugar levels.
  • Regular consumption of leeks enhances the good cholesterol levels in the bloodstream and also lowers bad cholesterol levels. Maintaining this cholesterol levels is very important to prevent the risks of heart attacks, atherosclerosis and diabetes conditions.
  • Leeks are effective in promoting optimal health of a person. Regular consumption is good and lowers the risk of prostate and colon cancers.
  • It helps lower and maintain the elevated blood pressure levels and thus, reduce the risk of heart attacks or strokes.
  • It is one of the good sources of fiber which is very beneficial for performing biological activities like metabolism and digestion.
  • Leeks are also effective in preventing ovarian cancers in women.
  • They are good to take during pregnancy because they have high folate vitamin. This helps in preventing birth defects related to the brain and spine in infants like encephalitis and spina bifida.
  • Leeks are beneficial for blood clotting in the body as they are good sources of calcium.

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