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Natural Healing With Vegetable Juice

Our body systems can sustain on any raw vegetables. Cooking them destroys the nutritional components present in them and may lead to nutrient deficiency in the body. But,

natural healing with vegetable juice

can help the body restore its nutritional components. Vegetable juices contain enough fiber for the body that keeps the body systems healthy.

Here is a list of vegetables that help in naturally healing the body system when taken in juice form.


This vegetable can be cultivated with a great difficulty but, once the plants are established they live and produce the yield for more than 100 years. It is rich in the amino acid asparagine that is usually destroyed on cooking. It has a mild diuretic property and hence can be used as an excellent inclusion in other fresh vegetable juices.


They are rich in minerals and vitamins and help in building blood and strengthening the gallbladder. They can be topped in salads as well as taken in juice form. The juice should not be drunk alone and should always be mixed with other fresh vegetable juices.

Brussels Sprouts

It is rich in minerals and vitamins and also proteins. Taken in juice form it is very effective.


Broccoli is similar to Brussels sprouts in nutritional value. It has the property of naturally healing the body system when taken in juice form.


Carrots are the most valuable vegetables for juices because of their healing properties. It is a base juice to which any other vegetable juices can be added. It has a high sugar content and is an excellent vegetable that balances nutrition.


Raw cabbage has high amounts of minerals and vitamins as well as sulfur compounds. It gives an immediate effect after consumption. It should be taken fresh always and can be mixed with other vegetable juices.


These are also very good natural healers. They are rich sources of potassium and other minerals and are an excellent addition along with salads and juices.


This vegetable is rich in minerals and especially magnesium. Though it is not a palatable juice for drinking, it is known for its flavor and enhances the flavor of other juices when added. Even the leaves and stalks can be juiced up.


It has the same nutritional values like that of celery and is known for its sweet taste. It adds the sweetness when added to other vegetable juices.


This vegetable is rich in vitamin A, iron and calcium components. Thus it gives a natural healing to the body system.

Ginger Root

This is added to other fresh vegetable juices for a distinctive flavor. This should be used very sparingly as it it very concentrated in its effect.


It promotes enzyme action and adds its own distinctive flavor when added to other vegetable juices.


Lettuce is available in many varieties, but the dark colored leaves are good for health. Romaine variety of lettuce is good and can be well made as juice.


Kale produces similar natural healing effects as that of cabbage.


It is an excellent source of chlorophyll and helps reduce the strong flavor of garlic in juice on addition. It can be juiced well with other vegetables.


These are available in many varieties. Most of them have strong flavored effect and some other varieties are mild and sweet. They can be juiced along with other vegetables.


They may be mild to hot but generally the whiter varieties are milder. They are good for health and provide a different flavor.


Peppers come in a variety of flavors and colors. They also act as natural healers in certain health illnesses. For a milder effect of peppers in juices, you need to remove the seeds and then juice them.

Sweet Potato

Potatoes are rich sources of beta carotene and provide a nice variation of flavor when juiced along with carrots.


Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals. It provides many natural healing properties. It can be mixed with other vegetables while juicing.

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