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Nectarine Fruit – Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits

Nectarine is the most delicious fruit that can be enjoyed in both cooked and raw forms. The fruit is related to peach and has vital nutritional facts and health benefits. Nectarines have smooth textured rind with soft or tough flesh. This fruit is loaded with many health benefits and is very sweet in taste. The following article provides

nectarine fruit – Nutritional facts and health benefits.

Nectarine fruit – Nutrition Facts

Nectarine Fruit - Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits
There are nearly 150 types of nectarine fruits. Be it any variety, the nutrition facts of all are similar. The nutritional value of nectarine fruit includes:


Compared to other fruits, nectarines contain very low calories. One cup of nectarine fruit (i.e 138 gm appr) gives only 60 to 61 calories and 12 to 15 grams of carbohydrates. Among this, fats contribute about 4 calories. Thus, these fruits are included in the list of calorie burning foods.


One cup of nectarine provides nearly 12 % of vitamin C which means nectarines contains high vitamin C component. It also provides essential; nutrients like dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, beta carotene, iron and calcium. The fruit has low fast, negligible amounts of cholesterol and contains no sodium. This is the reason nectarines are very good for people suffering from heart disorders.

Nectarine Health Benefits

  • The antioxidant property of nectarines is very effective in combating against free radical attack. This helps in anti-aging process and maintains good skin tone.
  • It help in losing excess weight due to its dietary fiber content.
  • Nectarine is rich in natural sugars and therefore people with elevated blood sugar levels should concern doctor before taking nectarine in their regular diet.
  • Nectarines are very good for consumption, except for the reason they are rich in sugar content.

Nectarine trees bear beautiful blossoms as soon as the spring season arrives. Therefore, grab in more fruits during this season to enjoy the nutritional facts and health benefits.

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