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Homeopathic Yeast Infection Treatments

Natural medicine is the best form of treatment compared to conventional treatments. They are less expensive and moreover produce no side effects on treatment.

Homeopathic yeast infection treatments

also hold the same. The following article gives 3 alternative homeopathic remedies that help treat yeast infection symptoms.

Homeopathic yeast infection treatments

take about 1 to 2 weeks to provide relief against the symptoms. But, if you want get immediate relief, another treatment option will be better.


Garlic provides wonderful benefits for the heart, body and cholesterol and is filled with antifungal properties. Adding a few cloves to meals and salads everyday helps regain vaginal balance and reduces new yeast growth. It can also be directly used to treat yeast infection. Wrap cloves in a cheese immersed cloth and insert it into vagina the whole night. The symptoms disappear in a short time if this treatment is continuously given.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice not only helps to cure bladder infections, but also treats yeast infections. Add no sugar and drink just the cranberry juice. Yeast has the ability to survive on sugar, so if sugar is included in the juice, the system is more affected. Cranberry juice affects vaginal secretions by its acidic nature making yeast multiplication difficult.


Yogurt also helps fight yeast infections, but this should be taken regularly. If the symptoms appear more than usual, eat more yogurt. Yogurt can also be directly inserted into vagina. If regularly applied for several days, a complete relief is found.

Homeopathic yeast infection treatments are good compared to medicated creams and medications. But, once you go ahead with this treatment, stick to it until the symptoms of yeast infection subside. Always check with your physician before going for these natural remedies.

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