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Health Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

Melissa essential oil also called Common oil or Sweet oil is extracted from the tree Melissa Officinalis. The wonderful

health benefits of Melissa essential oil

are due to its amazing properties like cordial, antidepressant, emenagogue, nervine, anti spasmodic, sedative, anti bacterial, stomachic, diaphoretic, carminative, hypotensive, febrifuge, tonic, sudorific and hypotensive.

Melissa essential oil has a pleasant, sweet aroma and provides soothing properties which can therefore be mixed with all sorts of balms. The various

health benefits of Melissa essential oil

are discussed below:

    Health Benefits of Melissa Essential Oil

  • Cordial –

    This property of Melissa oil provides warmth feelings to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. With this property, you can avoid frequent colds.

  • Anti Depressant –

    Melissa oil is a very effective anti depressant. It helps lift the mood and drives away the sadness and therefore brings hope and joy. This is the reason it is called “Nectar of Life” or “Elixir of Life”.

  • Emenagogue –

    Problems associated with Post menstrual syndrome and menstruation can be very well treated with Melissa oil. It helps treat irregular menses, obstructed menses, extreme fatigue and pain during menses. It also cures the problems of depression, annoyance and untimely menopause.

  • Nervine –

    Melissa essential oil is an effective tonic for maintaining the health and functioning of nervous system. It helps avoid nervous disorders and treats nervousness, vertigo, convulsions, etc.

  • Anti Spasmodic –

    Spasms can occur at any body part irrespective of muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system. They are associated with symptoms like muscular cramps, severe coughs, breathlessness, convulsions, and abdominal pains. Melissa oil is very beneficial in treating and providing relief against spasms by its relaxant and sedative properties.

  • Sedative –

    This property of Melissa essential oil is is good to calm inflammations, nervousness, anxiety, shock and trauma. It promotes good sleep and therefore relaxes soul, mind and body.

  • Anti Bacterial –

    Melissa oil is very beneficial in preventing bacterial infections in kidneys, urinary tract, intestines and colon.

  • Stomachic –

    Stomachic property is the one which soothes, tones and strengthens the stomach. Melissa oil enables smooth functioning of the stomach, heals ulcers and scratches in stomach and also maintains a good flow of bile and gastric juices.

  • Diaphoretic and Sudorific –

    Melissa essential oil helps promote perspiration and sweating. It is the greatest health benefit as many toxins are eliminated from the body system. The harmful gases build up in the stomach are also eliminated.

  • Carminative –

    This property of Melissa oil helps to drive away the built up gases in the intestine and therefore reduces the abdominal muscle tension.

  • Hypotensive –

    This is one of the immense health benefits of Melissa essential oil. It is effective for people who are at risk of heart disorder or brain hemorrhage associated with pressure increase. This lowers the blood pressure.

  • Febrifuge –

    Melissa oil helps fight microbial or bacterial infections including fever. It is very effective in reducing the body temperature and eliminates toxins produced during fever.

  • Tonic –

    Melissa essential oil provides all round benefits for the overall health. It enables all the systems of the body to function properly, boosts the immune system and provides enough strength. It therefore keeps the entire body system in order.

  • Other Health Benefits –

    Melissa essential oil is very effective in treating infections of Herpes, ulcers, sores, headaches, fungal infections, fatigue and many more. It improves memory power.


  • Melissa essential oil is non-toxic oil, but can cause sensations and irritations for people who are very sensitive. Therefore, people with sensitive skin and pregnant women should avoid this oil.
  • The health benefits of Melissa essential oil are even more effective when blended with other essential oils like Frankincense, Basil, Chamomile, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and Rose essential oils.

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